What does Metarun offer more than just being a play-to-earn game?

In today’s world, you will always observe innovations in the crypto space. But, as the realm evolved, many individuals came across Metarun, which is nothing but a game with many features. While the game offers a reward-based gaming experience, it also makes everything unique through high-quality graphics and numerous characters. So, in this article, we will cover more about Metarun, one of the best nft metaverse games. Moreover, the article will also cover how the game can be a run-to-earn game.

What is the main role of Metarun in GameFi?

While a player plays Metarun, he can enjoy the gaming experience along with crypto technology. This game later bridges the gap between crypto gaming and traditional gaming. Furthermore, the game always removes the entry barriers for players and creates a great gaming experience. Unlike other games, players can only download the game, select a character, and enjoy the overall experience.

Now, if you’re wondering how the run-to-earn model works, this runner game is set within a time period. The various characters of Metarun always run repeatedly within a certain time duration. Hence, when you start playing the game, you must run along the track as much as possible. Once you start covering a certain distance, you can gather more coins.

As you proceed with the game, you must overcome many obstacles and gain plenty of coins. A bit later, you can exchange these coins for native tokens, $MRUN. These tokens will then be useful when purchasing something from the marketplace. In those instances, you can buy in-game items, skins, and many more items to upgrade the character. But, when you’re about to buy the items from the marketplace, you have to buy them as NFTs.

What is the role of NFT in the main project?

Soon after you commence Metarun, one of the biggest p2e games, you can always choose from 45 unique characters. While these characters have upgradable skins, they are divided as per the skin rarity and the NFT class. But, if you choose an expensive and rare skin, you can earn more money. However, there’s always a limit to the battles you can play every month or during the day. You will also be glad to know that you can upgrade the character’s abilities to a certain extent.

Whenever you come across Metarun’s NFT marketplace, you can buy new character skins and also think about selling your skins. Additionally, there is another feature that always excites the players. If you lend an NFT skin to another player who doesn’t have the time to play, there’s nothing to bother about anything. You will receive a share of the total revenue at those moments, and the other player can get some rewards.

As far as the game’s internal economic system is concerned, it runs on Metarun token, $MRUN, and the in-game currency, OPAL. The entire game allows the player to earn across the track and increase the earning potential. However, you can expect more from Metarun Closed Beta.

What can you expect from Metaverse Closed Beta?

Once you enter Metarun Closed Beta, you can choose from three unique characters. In addition, after the launch of this version, testers can expect to earn around $18 for every hour. But, in such a case, they need to purchase a ticket and go through the details from the website. To join the group of more than 500 testers, the individuals can be a part of the community through Discord.


When you think about some metaverse games to make money, you can chose to go with Metarun. Once you get used to the game’s environment, you can earn a lot of soft and hard currency. But, your earnings will depend on the duration you keep running along the track. The best part of playing Metarun is that you can also sell the skins through the marketplace. This is one of the ways through which you can earn more money.

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