How to Make Profit on Football Betting?

Football might not be as popular as other sports. However, Indian fans support the most famous football teams in different countries. India has a football team. However, our team has not entered any worldwide competitions. Once, the Indian team only entered the Asian Cups. So, football in India only equals praising Manchester, Liverpool, Barcelona, Madrid, Arsenal, etc.

In India, some people support Ronaldo while others may be fans of Lionel Messi. If you are also an avid football game lover, you can get a kick out of it. It is quite easy to bet and make hundreds of dollars while you watch an international game of football on your comfortable sofa at home. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Types of Bets – To Be Made in Football Betting

There are different types of football bets. You can bet on any of these categories. The acronyms that you may frequently encounter are added in brace brackets. The following are some of the top types of football betting:

  • Full-Time Result
  • Football Accumulator
  • Correct Score (CS)
  • Total Goals, (Under/Over)
  • Half time/Full Time (HT/FT)
  • Half Time Result (HTR)
  • Normal Time Definition
  • Last Goal Scorer (LGS)
  • Draw No Bet (DNB)
  • Asian Handicap Betting (AH)
  • First Goal Scorer (FGS)

How Do I Make Money By Betting on Football Matches in India?

It is quite convenient to make money by betting on football. There are many people who have started making a lot of money by betting on football games in India. You can also use your intelligence, and bet online on any of the online football betting websites. Once you have determined a website in your head, you may continue by registering and depositing the money into the account.

Thus, you can start betting right away.

What Would Be the Best Football Betting Site in India?

It’s challenging to choose just one as the best betting on football matches in India when there are so many excellent options available. Every football betting site has strengths and weaknesses. Some are stronger than others. But BetFury is the best international website that is trustworthy. There are many Indians that are making hundreds of dollars by betting on football matches on BetFury.


Indians may not love football as much as they love cricket. However, football is not far behind. So, betting on football has increased. Enthusiastic fans make money while watching a match. We trust BetFury blindly regarding betting on football matches. So, check it out.

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