Everything about Poker for Newbies

What is Poker? that makes so many players so fascinated? This is a question that many people often wonder when they first start playing. Because Poker is a very familiar game to most betting enthusiasts. To answer this question, please follow the information Link Jun88 Share below.

Learn the concept of what Poker is for beginners

What is Poker?? In fact, Poker is the Vietnamese version of the famous card game Poker. This is a quite famous game in the world because of its diversity in gameplay.

But no matter how they play, players will basically bet on the strength of the cards in their hand (raise).

According to Jun88 It is known that the current Poker game is divided into 3 different groups, including:

  • Draw Group: Mentioned What is Poker?, perhaps many people will remember the group of ways to play Draw. According to this way of playing, each player is dealt a minimum of 5 cards in the deck of cards. Players must turn their cards face down and keep their cards a secret from the rest of their opponents. You are also allowed to exchange cards with other people within a specified number of times.
  • Stud group: A second way to play that is also quite familiar is Stud. In this group, the number of cards you are dealt is 5 or 7 cards. After that, you will have to face one of the cards and put the remaining cards face down. Particularly in this group, players are not allowed to exchange cards with each other like in the game Draw.
  • Community card group: The last group of Poker cards Jun88 I want to mention the Community card. In this group, each player will be dealt a certain number of cards. Next, the players will have to turn over the community cards and combine them with their own cards.

What is the meaning of the terms in the poker game?

When watching other people play Poker, you wonder about the meaning of the terms in the game What is Poker? Are not. Not only Poker but many types of card games also have their own terms.

This helps participants conveniently and understand each other’s ideas, avoiding lengthy explanations. In What is Poker? There are also quite a few separate terms, typically the lobby box.

This term refers to your 5 cards having the same consecutive attribute. For example, 9 muscles, 10 muscles, J muscles, Q muscles and K muscles. Or the term four of a kind refers to four consecutive cards with the same number.

The term double in What is Poker?refers to 2 cards with the same number, while a box refers to 5 cards of the same attribute that may or may not be consecutive. A straight is a set of 5 consecutive cards, and a mau dau means a card that has nothing special.

Describe the rules and the simplest way to play Poker

Because there are many different groups, the rules and gameplay of Poker are not simple. If you are a new player, please refer to the content Jun88 Share below to understand how to play What is Poker?

What are the rules of Poker?

While most games use a 52-card deck, Poker uses a 32-card Hong Kong deck. Cards with numbers including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 will be discarded and not used in the game.
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The strength of the remaining cards is arranged in ascending order as follows: 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < 10 < J < Q < K < A. In case the cards have the same attribute, the strength will be weak. calculated according to the rule of clubs < diamonds < hearts < spades.

This case is only used when the players have the same deck of cards, then attributes will be considered. The regulation on the number of players in a Poker game is from 2 to 6 participants.

Initially each player will be dealt 2 cards, 1 face up and 1 face down. The next 3 cards dealt to the player will all be face up. Winning or losing will depend on comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the cards combined together.

Good tips to help win Poker game

To play Poker, each player must bet an amount of money at the beginning of the game called the floor. Then the first turn will start from the player with the strongest face-up card and rotate counterclockwise. Each player has the right to fold, call, see, raise or call all when it is their turn to play.

Continue like that until all 4 rounds have passed. In case there is more than one person left in round 4, all cards will be turned over. The winner will be the one with the strongest cards in the game and wins the entire floor bet.

Above is all the content we can be summarized What is Poker?. Hopefully this article at link Jun88 will convey to you useful information for playing poker. Wishing you a good day!

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