How to Earn Your Digital Marketing Certification in 2020

Digital marketing is an essential part of the current marketing procedure that assists in the advertisement of the services and goods. It also includes developing appealing and engaging online marketing strategies. It includes email, social media, content, and search marketing.

There are several industries that rely on digital marketing, as well. Therefore, it is a great chance for anyone interested in boosting their career in this field. It also enhances the earning capability of people with this certification.

Digital Marketing Certification Introduction

These certifications prove the skills and knowledge of an individual associated with the various aspects of digital marketing. It also demonstrates your passion and commitment to your profession.

This certification allows employers to measure the expertise and skillset of certified individuals. Employers notice the individuals with certification faster than the uncertified experts.

Best Certifications for Digital Marketing

Below are the certifications that one can take to expand their career further in the digital marketing field:

  1. Facebook Certified Planning Professional 

There are two types of certifications provided by this program, such as the Facebook Certified Buying Professional® and the Facebook Certified Planning Professional®. These certifications are best suitable for the individuals that are responsible for handling pages on Facebook. The reach and the frequency are optimized by the planning professional. It also defines the campaign KPIs, budget, plan, and evaluates the performance quality of the campaign.

How to get certified: In order two acquire these certifications, one must crack two exams that can be booked through Pearson VUE. The registration price of these exams is around $150 each. However, you can receive free training. This certification stays action for around one year.

  1. Google AdWords certification

It is an extremely famous certification currently, along with the Google Analytics Individual Qualification® certification. In case you use the tools of google to evaluate, handle, optimize, and set up the marketing campaigns, taking up this certification will be an incredible option.

How to get certified: To obtain this certification, you have to crack two exams. The first exam is related to the AdWords Fundamentals, whereas the second exam is on mobile, search, display, video, shopping, and so on. It is necessary to sign up with the Google partners program to take up any google exams. This certification lasts for one year, after which it ceases.

  1. Google Analytics Certifications

This is one of the most vital tools that is utilized by marketers to measure the development of the website tariff. It is simple for beginners and complex for experienced users. It has become a crucial certification for all the marketers since it is entirely free to use. It is considered to be an incredible tool that is provided to the users.

How to get certified: This certification proves your skills in utilizing google analytics effectively within your organization. You also get the ability to assist others in using this tool.

To obtain the Google Analytics certification, it is essential for an individual to acquire practical knowledge in using google analytics. However, it is just a recommendation and not a prerequisite. The exam is completely free for anyone to take. Besides this exam can be taken up again after seven days, in case you fail.

  1. Hootsuite Social Marketing certification

This certification is offered by Hootsuite, which is a very popular and widely recognized platform. This certification includes all the aspects associated with social media marketing. The numerous other certifications are as follows Hootsuite Social Selling, Hootsuite Platform, Hootsuite Social Selling, and so on. These certifications can enable you to increase your skills related to the tools and techniques used in social marketing.

How to get certified: It suggests the applicants take up the online courses that are offered for free before taking up the social marketing exam. This exam registration price is around $199. This certification lasts forever since it is a permanent certification. This certification is suitable for anyone to acquire higher advanced skills. There is normally a sample question offered to the students after finishing the course.


The variety of digital marketing certification available presently that one can select from is huge in number. These certifications can assist an individual in gaining an advantage over the uncertified individuals. It also enables you to attain your career goals in this field.

After you acquire one or more certifications mentioned above, adding it to your resume is vital since it enhances the value and the importance of your resume in the digital marketing sphere.

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