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Expand Your Capabilities with Accessories for the HIKMICRO M15 Infrared Wildlife Camera

The HIKMICRO M15 Infrared Wildlife Camera is a powerful tool for capturing wildlife moments in their natural habitats. To enhance its capabilities and provide users with greater flexibility, HIKMICRO offers a range of accessories and attachments designed specifically for the M15. In this article, we will explore these additional options, allowing you to expand the functionality of your M15 and elevate your wildlife photography experience.

External Battery Packs for Extended Power

For users who require even longer operating times, HIKMICRO offers external battery packs that can be connected to the M15. These battery packs provide a reliable and portable power source, allowing you to extend your field sessions without worrying about running out of battery. With an external battery pack, you can capture wildlife moments for extended periods, ensuring you don’t miss any critical shots. This accessory is a valuable addition for nature enthusiasts and researchers who spend extended periods in the field.

Mounting Brackets and Straps for Versatile Placement

To maximize the M15’s capture potential, HIKMICRO provides mounting brackets and straps that enable versatile placement options. Whether you want to secure the camera to a tree trunk, a post, or any other suitable surface, these accessories ensure stability and flexibility in positioning. With the ability to adjust the angle and direction of the camera, you can achieve optimal framing and coverage, capturing wildlife moments from various perspectives. The mounting brackets and straps complement the M15’s portability and allow for seamless integration into different outdoor environments.

Security Lock Boxes for Protection

When deploying the M15 in public or high-traffic areas, HIKMICRO offers security lock boxes specifically designed for the camera. These lock boxes provide an added layer of protection against theft, vandalism, and tampering. By securely housing the M15 within a lock box, you can have peace of mind knowing that your camera is safeguarded, allowing it to continue capturing wildlife undisturbed. The security lock boxes are an ideal accessory for researchers and photographers working in public nature reserves or areas prone to unauthorized access.


HIKMICRO understands that wildlife photography requires flexibility, durability, and security. To complement the exceptional performance of the M15 Infrared Wildlife Camera, HIKMICRO offers a range of accessories and attachments. From external battery packs for extended power to mounting brackets and straps for versatile placement, and security lock boxes for protection, these accessories enhance the capabilities of the M15 and provide users with a comprehensive wildlife photography solution. By utilizing these accessories, you can extend your shooting time, achieve optimal camera placement, and ensure the security of your equipment.

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