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Enhancing Server Performance with Enterprise SSDs

Enterprise SSD for server has progressed the performance and reliability in recent years. With YANSEN remarkable speed and robust features, these storage devices have become an integral component of server infrastructure. One excellent example is the YST25G1YDXXXXXXXX series high-capacity SSDs specifically designed for video surveillance applications.

The Key Features

The YST25G1YDXXXXXXXX series SSDs utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance server performance and ensure data integrity. Equipped with an 8-channel high-performance SATA2 controller chip, these SSDs demonstrate exceptional read and write speeds, making them ideal for demanding video recording applications. Additionally, they leverage the power of DDR4 cache and YMTC X2-9060 3D TLC flash memory chips, which are designed to deliver enhanced storage capacity and efficiency.

Optimized TLC Direct Writing and Data Protection

The firmware of YST25G1YDXXXXXXXX series SSDs is crafted to optimize TLC direct writing, ensuring efficient and reliable data transfer. Moreover, these SSDs incorporate intelligent software and hardware power loss protection mechanisms, enabling end-to-end data protection and power loss recovery. As a result, enterprises can rely on these SSDs to store critical video surveillance data without worrying about data loss or corruption.


The YST25G1YDXXXXXXXX series SSDs are a prime example of enterprise-class SSDs designed specifically for demanding video surveillance applications. With their 8-channel high-performance SATA2 controller chip, DDR4 cache, and YMTC X2-9060 3D TLC flash memory chip, these SSDs deliver exceptional performance, data protection, and storage capacity. By leveraging innovative technologies such as optimized TLC direct writing, software and hardware power loss protection, and advanced heat dissipation, YST25G1YDXXXXXXXX series SSDs ensure stable and reliable operation, making them an ideal choice for modern server infrastructure.

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