Bau Cua New888 – Instructions on how to play and win prizes like a master

New888 crab is known as one of the “core” games, creating the appeal of online casinos. If you are a player who is passionate about hunting prizes with super exciting red and black games, Bau Cua is a game you should not miss. So what is this game and how to play it easily to win? Please join us New88HG clarified in the article below.

What is crab gourd?

Crab gourd is also known by many different names such as crab gourd, shrimp and fish, and crab gourd. This is a game with folk origins, has a long history and is known to almost every player. Today, this game version has been created by reputable publishers to create a classy and interesting betting title.

Currently, the New888 game portal is also proud to be one of the playgrounds that provides high quality crab games, meeting the entertainment needs of bettors. Join New888 crab Players will have the opportunity to comfortably enjoy all bet levels. If you have a little luck and reasonable calculations, bettors will quickly earn a lot of real money.

The game uses 3 dice, each with 6 sides printed corresponding to 6 different mascots. Players will predict the mascot images that will be displayed at the end of the dice round made by the system. Those who are lucky enough to win bets will be rewarded quickly and accurately by the house according to the ratio they participated.

Detailed rules of Bau Cua for all bettors

The game applies simple and easy-to-understand betting rules so any player can grasp it quickly. Players who want to participate in this exciting game need to pay attention to the correct rules for playing Bau Cua as follows:

  • When the game starts, the system will automatically roll the dice using a specialized tool, a cup. Participating players will place bets within the specified time.
  • After completing the betting procedure New888 crab, the dealer will open the cup and announce the results to the players. The system will determine and reward gamers at the correct rate. All bets of participating gamers will be displayed in the “Total bets” section. You can track the amount of bets as well as the number of chips you own.
  • In addition, the interface also displays many other operations such as: Delete all chips, cancel bets, open or roll bets, bet again,… 

The hottest New888 crab bets

If you join the New888 betting portal, you can bet on crab gourd through the following types:

Bet on a single symbol

This way of playing Bau Cua will bet on 1 out of 6 symbols printed on the dice. There are all kinds of mascots including gourds, crabs or shrimps, fish and chickens or deer. The payout of this bet is up to 94% RTP. Based on the betting results chosen, the player will receive the corresponding winning amount.

Betting on the model gourd

This form of play uses a combination of 2 symbols for gamers to choose from. The payout of this betting hall is extremely attractive, up to 97.2%. In addition, based on the number of winning symbols, you will be paid at different rates.

New888 crab bet 3 symbols

If you participate in betting on this game, you will participate in any combination of three symbols in the game. The payout level for this type of play is 91.7%, if you correctly predict the symbol appearing on all 3 dice you will receive a payout of 1:33.
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Detailed instructions for playing Bau Cua New888

Shaking Bau Cua deserves to be the number 1 game that any bettor should try to experience. At the New888 portal, bettors can participate in prize hunting in a super simple way by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Access the link to the New888 game portal, you can also use the house’s game app to participate quickly.
  • Step 2: Log in to the game account registered at the playground. If you don’t have one, select “Register now”.
  • Step 3: Deposit money into game account => Select V9 Card Game => select Fish Prawn Crab.
  • Step 4: Take the steps to place bets to have fun New888 crab necessary. The system will reward winning players and losing players who lose the amount of money they participated in.

Tips to play Bau Cua unbeaten in every bet

Although playing Bau Cua is very red and black, however, if you know these tips early, you will be able to play the game and win big.

  • Learn to remember which mascots the faces of the dice represent. This is very useful when predicting which animals will appear in the next bet.
  • You should focus on betting on a certain card or pair of mascots. If you choose too many animals, it will be difficult for you to recover your capital.
  • Carefully research effective betting methods to increase your chances of winning. In particular, folding is a popular betting method that experts consider very suitable for this interesting crab game.
  • Manage finances strictly, calmly and decisively before every game to increase game efficiency.

Above is interesting information about the game New888 crab that we want to bring to you guys. Hopefully the full sharing in the article has helped players have an exciting discovery. Don’t forget to participate in this betting game regularly to earn a lot of money!

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