6 Tips for Finding the Right Swimwear for Your Body

It is understandable if you ladies feel lost trying to find the perfect swimwear that compliments your body. You must have heard of different body types, like a pear-shaped, inverted trapezoid, hourglass, and so many more. But the catch is, in which category do you fit? Well, that’s not as complicated as you think. Gone are the days when you are bound to stick to one swimwear option. From shaping swimwear to a halter neck one-piece, you get endless choices that can make you look flattering as you hit the beach.

If you still need help finding the right swimwear, delve deeper into the details mentioned in the section below.

  1. Smaller Bust

It can be quite challenging to find swimwear that supports your bust and look flattering at the same time. So, if you have a smaller chest, try swimwear with ruffles, frills, ruching and embellishments.

The styles that will look best in you are bralettes, triangle and halter style bikinis. You may also try booster padding or moulded cups to add volume to the chest. And in terms of prints and colour, go for something busy and bright to make the bust appear fuller.

  1. Larger Chest

Big-busted women often have difficulty finding the perfect swimwear that fits right without exposing too much to cause discomfort. For that, you first need to consider your cup size. You may also try shaping swimwear with features underwire, gripper tape and boning for better support and comfort.

Try choosing swimwear with eye-catching detailing in the middle and lower sections if you want to soften the bust shape. It can create a proper balance and offset the top-heavy appearance.

  1. Curve

Cross-over pieces that flatter the waistline and the bust are the best styles to flaunt your curves. Panelling can also be a great way to highlight them. So, you may go for side panelling in dark hues to minimise waist or A-line designs to contour your curves.

If you want to flatter your thighs, choose bottoms with high coverage. High-waisted swimwear with power mesh can offer the desired support and disguise the tummy without hiding the gorgeous curves.

  1. Small Booty

Try ruching and frill detailing if you want to pop your booty. You may also try picking loud prints and bright-coloured bottoms to accentuate the bottom half. Meanwhile, high-waisted bottoms can be a bit cheeky but are a good choice to sculpt and lift your shape.

  1. Big Booty

You may want to accentuate or underplay your booty, and you get a lot of options that meet your needs. For instance, try high-cut leg lines to elongate your legs and achieve an hourglass figure. Look for a cheeky-styled back if you are up for exposing a bit. And if you prefer drawing attention from your booty, go for skirted or boyleg bottoms or A-line tops in fun and bright prints.

  1. Heavy Tummy

The best way to disguise tummy troubles is by getting the right shaping swimwear. You can opt for A-line styles and combine them with high-waisted bottoms to smooth out lines. And for better support, you can try the power mesh fabric.

You may also enhance your decolletage with tie front features, frill detailing or plunging necklines to shift the focus away from the tummy. Contrastingly, if you want to focus your lower half and elongate the leg line, go for tie side or high cut features.

Choosing swimwear becomes much easier when you know what body features you want to accentuate. Also, remember it’s okay to be unconventional and play around with style, cuts, patterns and colours. So, don’t be afraid to mix and match and find the best swimwear for your body.

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