Top 5 Features of Personal Accident Health Insurance

Personal accident insurance is the insurance or agreement made between the insured person and the insurance company where the insurance company offers compensation to the insured person in the event of any partial or permanent disability due to the personal accident cover that needs the emergency treatment under the policy and ensures coverage for incurred costs and expenses.

The coverage provides for any disability when the policyholder will be totally disabled and unable to work and earn the income.

Features of Personal Accident Health Insurance

The below factors act like the importance of personal accident health insuranceThe following factors conclude that investing in personal accidents is good.

  • Coverage on Disability: any accident that occurs with you may sometime cause a temporary disability or sometimes a permanent disability. So, there is a need for personal accident insurance from which the policyholder claims compensation for such types of disability.
  • Hospitalization Expenses: When an accident happens to you, and you have already invested in personal accident insurance, you can easily get compensation for the treatment costs and hospitalization expenses. It also offers coverage for other expenses such as funeral expenses, riparian charges, and even ambulance charges.
  • Vehicle Modification and Home Alteration Benefits: In the disability condition, when you are completely bound by the wheelchair. In this case, you require the vehicle to travel and go to the hospital for a check-up comfortably. So, in this way, you get the vehicle modifications from this policy. Similarly, if you require modification in your home, such as setting up your ramps, then this insurance policy also provides this.
  • Death Coverage: In case when the policyholder dies, then the compensation under this policy provides to the family. The company also gave the lump sum amount to the family under this policy when the policyholder died.
  • Family Transportation: Under this feature, the insurance company provides compensation for the transportation cost to the policyholder’s family. The involved expenses are to reach the accident spot or reach the hospital, and all these expenses are taken care of by the insurance company.


If you want to be prepared for unexpected conditions in your life, then it is good to get coverage from hospitalization expenses. It is always suggested to buy an insurance policy, no matter which type of insurance you buy.

But when you are buying personal accident health insurance online, you must ensure to check the inclusions, exclusions, terms, and conditions for the policy before buying. It will help you make a good decision while buying personal accident insurance and save the amount of time. This article also saves you from put into them any trouble.   

All the information related to personal accident insurance is relevant in this article. We provide all the information in simple words. Still, if you have doubts related to the post, then you can ask in the comments.

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