The Various Benefits Of Switching To Organic Food In Australia

There is a growing trend of organic farming and organic food in Australia’s agricultural sector. Contrary to popular belief, that trend is here to stay and has grown significantly in the past decade. The organic food wholesalers in the country aim to battle the detrimental effects of conventional produce, one that is grown, harvested and processed with the help of toxic chemicals that harm the body. Organic food, on the other hand, is produced fresh and without using any harmful chemicals that can endanger the ecosystem or the people that eat them.

The organic food industry in Australia is growing at a pace faster than anticipated, with the industry being valued at about 2.3 billion dollars. One of the main reasons they are growing in popularity is the widespread awareness of the various health benefits that organic food wholesalers offer. Take a look at what these health benefits are by reading below:

  1. Organic Produce Come Fresh From The Farmers: All the products kept at the supermarkets are either stored in freezers for a long time or kept on the shelves for days on end. Organic foods are undoubtedly fresh, brought right off the bat from the farmer’s shed. No chemical alterations are made to keep the food fresh, no storing in freezers for weeks and no mishandling of the product by the staff.
  2. It Is Free From Pesticides and Other Toxic Chemicals: Organic food is grown on Australian farms using organic methods that do not involve chemicals and pesticides. The only downside to this is that people may have to wait for the right seasons to buy the best fruits, but in the long run, that’s a healthy alternative since they don’t have to worry about chemically enhanced fruits and veggies going into their bodies.
  3. Healthy Option: Without all the pesticides and chemicals, organic food is a better alternative for your health and vitality. Clean, chemical-free food means cleaner diets that help improve the overall health of the consumer. Without chemicals, organic foods will be rich in antioxidants that help prevent heart problems, fight age and boost mental strength. Without all the toxic compounds in organic foods, they taste way better than conventional ones.
  4. It’s Better For The Environment: Organic foods are grown or cultivated using organic farming methods, a type of farming that doesn’t use industrial pesticides to grow crops. All the fertilisers that organic farmers use are derived naturally, and as a result, they are free from genetic modifications and other synthetic alterations. Plus, being seasonal, organic food doesn’t put as much pressure on the soil as conventional farming does, improving soil health and protecting the environment.
  5. Buying Organic Food Helps Local Farmers: Another biggest advantage of buying organic food from the local farmers’ market is that it helps all the farmers that make produce organically. Since these farmers don’t have the capacity or the financial capabilities to stand against large corporations, customer support is the only avenue they have to lean on. The more the number of customers willing to buy organic food, the more the farmers are encouraged to farm organically and the larger the supply of healthy organic food for the consumers. What’s more interesting is that considering the total cost of transportation and taxes, buying organic foods is more sustainable in the long run for Australians looking to eat healthily and get a daily intake of nutrient-dense and tasty produce.

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