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The Style3D Bending Tester and the Style3D Tensile Tester: Transforming Fabric Testing

A pioneer in the fabric innovation space, Style3d is proud to introduce their revolutionary Style3D Bending Tester & Tensile Tester. These advanced testers are designed to accurately measure weight, thickness, stretch, and bending properties of fabrics, providing invaluable data for designers and manufacturers. With the ability to achieve automated fabric measurements without the need for manual input, as well as the capability to scientifically analyze fabric characteristics, Style3d ensures a true-to-life representation that is essential for digital fabric development and various applications. Let’s explore how the Style3D Bending Tester & Tensile Tester are revolutionizing fabric testing.

Accurate Measurement of Fabric Properties

The Style3D Bending Tester & Tensile Tester excel in accurately measuring a wide range of fabric properties. From weight and thickness to stretch and bending characteristics, these testers provide precise data that allows designers and manufacturers to understand the behavior of fabrics with exceptional accuracy. The accurate measurement of these properties lays the foundation for creating digital fabrics that closely mimic their physical counterparts, enabling the development of realistic and functional digital fabric materials.

Automated Fabric Measurements for Efficiency

With the Style3D Bending Tester & Tensile Tester, fabric measurements are streamlined through automation. These testers eliminate the need for manual input, drastically reducing errors and saving valuable time. By automating the measurement process, designers and manufacturers can focus more on the creative aspects of their work, confident in the reliability and consistency of the data obtained. This automation enhances efficiency and productivity in fabric testing, allowing for smoother and faster digital fabric development.

Scientific Analysis for True-to-Life Representation

Style3d’s Bending Tester & Tensile Tester offer more than just basic measurements. They provide a scientific analysis of fabric characteristics, enabling a true-to-life representation in the digital realm. By meticulously analyzing the data, designers gain valuable insights into how fabrics behave under different conditions and can create digital fabrics that accurately simulate real-world properties. This scientific analysis empowers designers to make informed decisions and ensures that the digital fabric materials they develop closely match the physical fabrics they represent.


Style3d’s Style3D Bending Tester & Tensile Tester revolutionize fabric testing, offering accurate measurements of weight, thickness, stretch, and bending properties. The automated fabric measurements provided by these testers eliminate manual input and enhance efficiency. Moreover, the scientific analysis of fabric characteristics ensures a true-to-life representation, vital for digital fabric development. With Style3d’s innovative fabric testing solutions, designers and manufacturers can confidently create digital fabrics that accurately replicate the properties of physical fabrics, opening up exciting possibilities for digital fabric innovation. Have faith in Style3d’s state-of-the-art solutions to transform fabric testing and drive innovation in the industry.

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