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The Power of Precision: Benewake’s TF-Luna Lidar Range Finder Enhances Measurement Capabilities

Benewake continues to set industry standards with its innovative TF-Luna lidar range finder, a device that exemplifies the integration of high performance with user-centric design. This single-point ranging LiDAR, operating on the TOF principle, offers a solution that is not only cost-effective but also highly capable of performing in diverse and challenging application environments.

High Performance in a Small Package

The TF-Luna lidar range finder showcases its prowess through its compact dimensions (35mm21.25mm13.5mm) and lightweight (under 5g), making it incredibly easy to incorporate into various technological environments. This small yet powerful device proves that size does not limit capability, delivering accurate and stable distance measurements essential for precise monitoring and control.

Cost-Effective Solution for Diverse Applications

Benewake has engineered the TF-Luna to be a low-cost solution that does not skimp on quality or functionality. Its range capability of 0.2m to 8m is suitable for a myriad of short-distance applications, from industrial monitoring to interactive consumer products. This affordability combined with high measurement stability and sensitivity ensures that quality is accessible for projects and businesses of all scales.

Tailored to Meet Complex Needs

The flexibility of the TF-Luna lidar range finder is one of its most significant features. Equipped with customizable algorithms and adjustable configurations, the device can perform optimally across varied environments. Whether adapting to different physical conditions or specific operational demands, the TF-Luna is designed to deliver precise results, tailored to the unique requirements of its users.


The TF-Luna from Benewake stands out as a leader in lidar range finder technology, offering unmatched precision, affordability, and adaptability. Its design and capabilities make it an essential tool for anyone needing accurate distance measurements in compact and cost-sensitive applications. As technology continues to advance, the TF-Luna is perfectly positioned to meet the evolving demands of a wide array of industries, reinforcing Benewake’s commitment to innovation and quality in lidar technology.

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