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Streamlining Precision with Edan’s Point of Care Diagnostics: Redefining Safer and Accurate Testing

In the fast-evolving landscape of medical diagnostics, the significance of preciSE Series and accessible point-of-care diagnostics cannot be overstated. Edan has emerged as a leading provider, offering an innovative capillary blood sampler designed to facilitate efficient microsample analysis for various critical parameters, including pH, blood gas, electrolytes, Co-oximetry, and metabolites.

Safer Collection with Edan’s Capillary Blood Sampler

Edan’s capillary blood sampler revolutionizes the sampling process, prioritizing safety and reliability. Crafted with 100% plastic, it eliminates the risk of breakage, ensuring a secure and safe blood collection experience for healthcare practitioners and patients alike. By replacing traditional glass capillary tubes, Edan’s solution minimizes potential hazards, creating a secure environment for streamlined diagnostics and patient care.

Versatile Options for Varied Needs

Recognizing the diverse requirements of the medical community, Edan offers a range of capillary tubes in different sizes, including 85µL, 100µL, and 115µL, catering to varying sample volume needs. Additionally, the availability of mixing wire and magnets ensures that the sampler can be customized to meet the specific demands of different healthcare settings, enhancing flexibility and ease of use for practitioners.

Enhanced Accuracy through Advanced Technology

Edan’s capillary tubes are equipped with advanced features that enhance the accuracy of diagnostics. The implementation of dry-sprayed balanced heparin in blood gas capillary tubes minimizes the risk of dilution errors commonly associated with liquid heparin. Moreover, the use of high-concentrated lithium heparin reduces the potential for pre-analytical clotting errors, ensuring that the obtained samples maintain their integrity throughout the testing process, leading to preciSE Series and reliable diagnostic outcomes.


Edan’s commitment to providing a safer, versatile, and accurate capillary blood sampler underscores their dedication to advancing point-of-care diagnostics. By prioritizing safety, versatility, and accuracy, Edan’s solution empowers healthcare practitioners to conduct efficient and reliable microsample analysis, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and streamlined healthcare management.

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