R32 Heat Pump-More Energy Efficient, More Comfortable

Are you looking for a heat pump that is more energy efficient and comfortable? R32 heat pump from Poolworld is the best choice for you. Read the blog to find the answer!

Why is the R32 heat pump from Poolworld more energy efficient and more comfortable?

  1. Thanks to the advanced and mature full DC inverter technology by Poolworld, the heating time of this series house heat pump is shorter and more stable, and more comfortable. It can adjust the operating frequency of the compressor intelligently in accordance with the environment, avoid frequent startup of the system and improve the working efficiency of the compressor. Thus, R32 heat pump can save 50% energy power than an ON/OFF air source heat pump, and 75% compared to the traditional heating system.
  2. R32 heat pump from Poolworld has multiple noise reduction technology design, appropriate wind field flow channel design, noise reduction treatment for compressors, boxes, etc. through elimination, isolation, and suction.
  3. Full DC brushless inverter motor and stepless speed regulation in R32 heat pump can be performed according to system operation changes, which is to ensure the optimal condition of system pressure, higher operating efficiency, more stability, large air volume and lower noise.


Established in 2008, Poolworld is a leading heat pump manufacturer and provider of comprehensive energy-saving heating solutions to the world. R32 heat pump is one of the advanced products in the company and you can find many other specifications here according to your personal needs. Just visit our website at and contact us whenever you want!

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