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QMY Leads the Charge Towards a Sustainable Mobility Future

When it comes to potential mobility solutions, QMY‘s foldable scooter for adults stand out as a reliable and superior choice. As projections forecast nearly 129 million electric scooters and motorcycles worldwide by 2028, industry pioneer QMY is at the forefront of empowering the large-scale adoption of micro-mobility. With its powerful yet portable The King foldable electric scooter, QMY delivers the ideal balance of dependable performance and practical convenience.

Swift and Smooth Riding Experience

A 500W motor paired with a large battery provides riders with speeds up to 25km/h and a long-range of 25-30km per charge. Digital displays relay vital trip data to the rider’s smart devices.

Ultimate Flexibility

Weighing only 12.9kg yet ruggedly constructed from aviation-grade aluminum, The King neatly folds within seconds via its pioneering single-action mechanism. Measuring a mere 93x43x21cm folded, it slips effortlessly into any transport mode.

Safety without Compromise

Rear disc brakes and front suspension deliver stable handling in all road conditions. IPX4 water resistance and integrated lighting maximize usability year-round.

Catalyzing Urban Transformation

Since launching in 2020, The King has inspired a new generation of environmentally-minded commuters worldwide with its unmatched versatility. As the demand for smart micro-mobility surges, QMY remains at the vanguard of accessibility.


Through its pioneering innovations, QMY is driving society decisively toward a zero-emissions future of connected, inclusive transportation independence. QMY remains at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity for businesses globally. Embrace QMY’s portable scooters and unlock a new level of mobility for enterprises.

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