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Passion for Baseball Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Lucas Kephart Transforms Player Development with his tailored coaching approach toward each player.

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Lucas Kephart

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The US, 09/02/2023: Baseball is a sport that requires not just raw talent but also dedication and hard work. Lucas Kephart, a respected player development coach, has taken this to the next level by incorporating state-of-the-art technology into his training regimen for his players.

At Hitter’s Lab LLC, Lucas used a HitTrax machine. The machine videos the player’s swings and tracks the ball’s flight, showing players how hard they hit the ball in MPH and the distance it traveled. The information is calculated on a simulator and projected onto a TV, giving hitters the illusion of hitting on a field. The cutting-edge technology provides players with immediate feedback, allowing them to make necessary adjustments and improve their performance. In addition, Kephart utilizes the biomechanics feature on the HitTrax to break down every area of the player’s swing such as sequencing, stride length, head movement, and much more.

In addition to the HitTrax machine, Lucas has also added a Proteus Machine, which performs performance testing on the player’s body and provides instant feedback on body composition and areas for improvement. He has also utilized a Diamond Kinetics attachment, which measures the hitter’s bat speed, hand speed, swing plane, and much more.

“Those that have a combination of physical ability with a huge passion for the game will be the most successful.”

-Lucas Kephart

Baseball is more than just a game, it’s a passion, and Lucas Kephart’s innovative approach to player development proves that success requires both dedication and  integration of the latest technology. Lucas always strives and never hesitates to work and add new technology to his training facility and continues to grow and utilize more tools to help his hitters improve.

For more information about Lucas Kephart and The Hitter’s Lab LLC, please visit their website at or you can connect with Lucas Kephart via email at [email protected]

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