How To Purchase Your Ideal Toilet?

One of your home’s most important and frequently utilised items is the toilet in the bathroom. As a result, finding one that can save water and is effective enough to clean the bowl in a single flush is preferable to picking one based solely on colour and design. The cost of a TOTO toilet bowl will vary depending on the brand, features, and material quality. However, if you are unwilling to spend more money on a high-quality model immediately, you shouldn’t expect a powerful flush or high-quality materials from the toilet.

New low-flow model generations

Low-flow toilets of the first generation were terrible or weren’t. It is because manufacturers made minor adjustments to lessen the amount of water used but left the basic design untouched. However, more of these toilets are functional now, 15 years later. Larger traps to prevent clogging and bigger flush valves that enable a more powerful rush of water in the bowl are just two examples of the significant design advancements made by manufacturers.

How To Choose a Bathroom?

Home design and type

The options you have for a suitable toilet that can be installed may be limited depending on the style and layout of your home. The bathroom space that you require should therefore be measured. It could be the distance from the wall to the centre of the waste outlet for an S-trap or from the floor to the outlet for a P-trap. It makes it simpler for you to choose the proper toilet setup.

Performance and Flushing Effectiveness

Since you will use your toilet for at least ten years, conducting more research before making a purchase is worthwhile. For example, online testing of different toilet models or manufacturers’ flushing performance results can be compared.

Another choice is to spend money on the Tornado Flush feature, which is included with every brand-new toilet. Innovatively, this flushing system can clean and flush the bowl and the rim. The Tornado Flush projects three strong jets of power from inside the bowl to create a whirlpool effect that more effectively and thoroughly cleans the entire surface than traditional toilets that let the water drip down from the rim. Additionally, it is water-saving and silent.

Style and Design

A toilet can be wall-hung, close-coupled, one-piece, or wall-faced, among other designs and styles. One-piece and close coupled are typically more popular options for HDB flats because these take up less area and are easier to install.

How much does the typical toilet bowl cost?

The cost of a TOTO toilet bowl starts at a minimum of $700. It may cost more upfront, but choosing a premium model with better quality and more features will pay off in the long run.

Several suggestions for purchasing new toilet bowls

To determine which toilet bowl is best for your home, determine whether your S-trap or P-trap is present. For HDBs, it will typically be an s trap. In contrast, for landed properties or condos, the trap is based on the house’s structure and generally is more accommodating in allowing you to choose toilets that fit the space’s dimensions. You can check¬†Starmusiq¬†blog to read more information on this topic.


According to the PUB, one of the most crucial factors for Singaporean homeowners purchasing a toilet is the flushing efficiency. Therefore, you must have a toilet that efficiently reduces the water used. Because of this, TOTO is one of the top toilets to consider.

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