Thinking about the furnishing of the living area, one of the first elements that comes to mind is definitely the TV . Despite today’s smaller dimensions compared to past models with the old cathode ray tube, even today it remains essential to choose the right table for tv  that guarantees stability and protection to the electronic device most loved by Italians and goes well with the furnishing style of the area. day.

The choice of the right TV stand depends on some factors, such as style of furniture , size of the room and TV , and personal taste . Now let’s see some useful advice that can help you in your choice.

How to choose the TV tables

Let’s start from the beginning. The TV tables must be functional even before an aesthetic element, so its choice must necessarily be based on the size of the TV and the surrounding environment.

Retractable TV tables

The retractable TV tables are an ideal solution for those that are experienced during different phases of the day and that perform different functions: recreational, social, study or work. Precisely from this point of view we understand how – according to the phase of the day – the TV should be “hidden” or “revealed” to the inhabitants of the house. There are many types of concealed furniture: the simplest are equipped with a sliding or hinged door , to be closed in front of the TV. This solution is particularly suitable for living room wall units. Another option can be that of the  revolving doors,  which hang the TV, and which are based on a similar approach.

Low TV tables

In the case of a low living area – for example an attic – you could opt for a low TV table . The low TV tables range from a height of 20 to 50 cm from the floor and clearly determine the furnishing style of the whole room: cushions and futons instead of the classic sofa, extensive use of carpets and furniture that they develop horizontally rather than vertically.

TV tables with wheels

Among the simplest and most functional TV stands we must undoubtedly mention the classics with wheels , which allow us to move our beloved TV from one corner of the room to another or even from one room to another without effort.

Generally they are characterized by a simple and linear design , the construction materials can be the most disparate as well as their cost.

Corner TV tables

Corner TV tables were essentially created for homes with little space available, where it is essential to take advantage of every available corner and centimeter. The corner TV stands are generally low with shelves suitable for players and DVDs. They are very common both as single pieces and as an integrated part of a complete and modular living room. In short, an intelligent solution to not give up anything.

How to place the TV tables in your living room

Once you have chosen the model, it will be essential to carefully choose where to place the TV tables in the room. This choice depends on: height of the tables, size of the TV and seat height of the sofa or armchairs.

How to establish perfect distances? Very simple. Once you have established the height of your eyes , you will position the TV so that about a third is higher than these. The distance between TV and sofa, on the other hand, should be at least 3 times the height of the TV. So if we had a 32 ”TV and a classic sofa, the optimal height to be held would be around one meter, with a distance between TV and sofa of at least 140cm.

Another fundamental variable for choosing the right positioning of the TV is light . The TV tables should never be placed parallel to the window or under direct light sources such as lamps or spotlights. Much better to insert light points on the sides of the TV stand that illuminate the back of the appliance in order to avoid annoying glare on the screen.

Now that you know a little more about TV tabless, you just have to choose your favorite model. Look at our latest collection of TV tables and you will surely find a model that suits you!

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