Fantasy Basketball: A Guide for the Sports Novice

Have you ever wanted to manage a virtual basketball team of real-life NBA players? Imagine a situation where you can build the best possible team and compete against other fantasy basketball teams. If you’re a sports novice but are interested in playing fantasy basketball, this guide is for you!

What is Fantasy Basketball


Fantasy Basketball is when you create your fantasy team with all the NBA players you like! The interesting thing is that the players will perform in the game how they perform in real life. Usually, the fantasy game starts around the same time the actual season begins. Every player is awarded points in the team based on their points in real life. At the end of the season, if your team had the players with the most teams, you win!

How Do You Make Your Team?

Creating a team is the most crucial part of fantasy basketball. Your team must survive the season. You can’t just pick all the current winners because you will have to follow a certain budget and see who works well with who! You should also consider if the player maybe has a history of injuries. All these factors come into making a reliable team.

How Do You Win?

In this game, you win based on the points system. Yes, every game will have its scoring system, but most generally follow the same pattern. It depends on the points, assists, and maybe even the steals of the players you have chosen. All combined will be the total points for your team!

How Can You Engage in Fantasy Basketball?

How intrigued are you by now? You’re probably wondering how you can engage in these games!

Public League

Public leagues are usually just free to play and very common. Sometimes they are even created by official sports companies for marketing purposes. In public leagues, you will make your team, as mentioned, and compete with probably all the other teams worldwide. The team with the best performance will win depending on their player’s actions!

Private League

Next, you can create leagues and invite only friends and family to play. It can be far more intriguing because you build the whole game as in the structure and the rules everyone must follow!

Dynasty Leagues

Now dynasty leagues are a lot more serious than your other basic leagues. In this case, people build a foundation for their teams that sometimes go on for years. So, you might have a team, and you draft new or older players every year depending on their health and expected performance. Since it’s long-term, you can also work on strategy and team planning. Of course, it becomes more fun because it almost feels real since these drafting and strategy consultations happen within the real team too!

Why is Fantasy Sports So Popular

Allow Socialization

Fantasy leagues could be made up of similar or unique groups of people. Whether you’re playing with friends, co-workers, or strangers, it allows you to interact and share your views with others. This connection might even go one step further when you consider the discussion forums and social media groups that are solely created to discuss fantasy sports. Here, you might find news on Steph Curry, a statement from Mark Cuban, Lakers rumors, and more! It allows all those with a shared interest to be together and engage with one another.

Very Engaging

Now, of course, fantasy sports can’t mimic the actual sport. It is not like you’re watching your now fake team play together in a real or virtual setting, but it is very engaging because real-life scenarios impact your team state in the game as well. So, it’s a long-term thrill to manage your team, seeing you worked well with who, etc.

Anyone Can Play

Yes, fantasy basketball has easy access, and you don’t need any extreme equipment to try and take part. You usually need to sign up with an accessible website to draft a team, and you’re good to go! But of course, the access will vary depending on if it’s a private or a public game.


Whether you’re somewhat interested in or overly passionate about basketball, then fantasy basketball is something you should partake in. Why? It allows you to feel more involved in your favorite teams and their well-being. You can make real-life decisions that will impact your performance, similar to what team managers must do in real life. What can be more fun than that?

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