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Enhance Stability and Durability with Trailer Stand Wheels from DNL

In the world of trailers, having reliable and sturdy equipment is essential for smooth operations. When it comes to trailer stand wheels, DNL emerges as a trusted name in the industry. With their JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel for caravans, they have gained popularity as one of the reliable suppliers of heavy-duty trailer jack wheels. This article will delve into the impressive features and benefits of their trailer stand wheels, highlighting their commitment to durability and reliability.

Impressive Static Loading Capacity

One of the standout features of DNL’s heavy-duty trailer jack wheel is its impressive static loading capacity. With a robust design and construction, this wheel can handle loads of up to 500kgs, providing stability and support for various applications. Whether you’re maneuvering a heavy caravan or transporting equipment, DNL’s trailer stand wheel can handle the task with ease.

High Corrosion Resistance with Hot Dip Galvanization

DNL understands the importance of longevity, especially when it comes to trailer equipment exposed to different environments. That’s why their heavy-duty trailer jack wheel undergoes a hot-dip galvanization process. This treatment ensures exceptional corrosion resistance, protecting the wheel from rust and other forms of degradation. Even in challenging conditions, such as coastal areas or off-road adventures, DNL’s trailer stand wheel remains reliable and durable.


In conclusion, DNL’s trailer stand wheels are a top choice for those seeking stability, durability, and reliability in their trailer equipment. With their JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel for caravans, DNL has established themselves as a reputable supplier in the industry. The impressive static loading capacity, high corrosion resistance through hot-dip galvanization, and space-saving foldable crank are just a few of the features that set their trailer stand wheels apart. Whether you’re a trailer owner, a professional in the industry, or an outdoor enthusiast, trust DNL to provide you with top-quality equipment that meets your needs.

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