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Edan’s Blood Gas Analyser: Advanced Technology for Accurate and Reliable Results

When it comes to critical care, accuracy and reliability are of utmost importance. Introducing Edan‘s i20 blood gas analyser, a next-generation solution that combines advanced photoluminescent biosensor technology and microfluidics to deliver precise and dependable test results. With its extensive parameter range, the i20 analyser provides effective critical care to patients while offering the convenience of long storage life at room temperature.

Advanced Photoluminescent Biosensor Technology

Edan’s i20 blood gas analyser is equipped with advanced photoluminescent biosensor technology, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.  This cutting-edge technology combines with microfluidics to create a powerful system that enables precise measurements of critical parameters. With Edan’s i20 analyser, healthcare professionals can have confidence in the accuracy of their diagnostic data, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide optimal patient care.

Comprehensive Parameter Range

The i20 blood gas analyser by Edan offers more than 40 parameters in a single cartridge, providing comprehensive critical care to patients.  This extensive parameter range allows healthcare professionals to obtain a holistic view of a patient’s condition, facilitating prompt and targeted interventions. With Edan’s i20 analyser, medical practitioners can efficiently monitor and manage a wide range of critical parameters, ensuring the best possible care for their patients.


In conclusion, Edan’s i20 blood gas analyser represents a significant advancement in the field of critical care diagnostics. With its advanced photoluminescent biosensor technology and comprehensive parameter range, this analyser delivers accurate and reliable test results for informed decision-making. Trust Edan’s i20 analyser for precise and dependable critical care diagnostics, empowering healthcare professionals to provide optimal patient care in critical situations. Feel free to visit to learn more about – pearlvine login

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