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DNL’s Caravan Jockey Stand: The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Safety

Regarding caravan jockey stands, DNL has established itself as a trusted brand. Their popular JK60-LB-220Z jockey wheel for horse trailers is a top choice among customers. With a load capacity of 350kg and made with durable mild steel, they ensure longevity and reliability. DNL prioritizes the comfort and safety of their users, making their caravan jockey stand an excellent choice for all your towing needs.

Enhanced Comfort and Ease of Use

DNL’s caravan jockey stand offers an exceptional user experience with its ergonomic knob. Operating the jockey wheel is now easier than ever, providing a comfortable experience with no feeling of tiredness. Whether users are hitching or unhitching trailer, they can rely on this jockey wheel to make the process effortless and stress-free.

Unmatched Stability and Safety

Designed with stability in mind, DNL’s 60mm jockey wheel provides enhanced safety during towing. The tri-corn rim of this jockey wheel ensures more excellent stability, minimizing the risk of accidental slips or wobbles. Additionally, the integrated brakes are a standout feature of DNL’s jockey wheel. They prevent unintended movement when your trailer is stationary, offering peace of mind, especially on slopes or inclines.


DNL’s caravan jockey stand is the perfect combination of comfort and safety. With its innovative design and attention to detail, they have created a jockey wheel that meets the highest standards. The ergonomic knob provides a comfortable user experience, while the concise bracket ensures strength without compromising simplicity. The tri-corn rim adds stability, and the integrated brakes offer enhanced safety. When you choose DNL’s caravan jockey stand, you can trust that you are investing in a product that will withstand outdoor elements and provide reliable performance for years. So, whether towing a horse trailer or any other type of caravan, DNL has the solution for all customers jockey stand needs.

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