5 Useful Pieces Of Gymnastic Equipment For Your School Gym

There are some pieces of apparatus that are essential if you’re planning to turn your school gym into a space where pupils can exercise safely and effectively. The type of space you have available is one of the first things to think about because it will clearly have a big impact on what equipment you can fit in there. If you are limited by size, this may rule out larger pieces of equipment like gymnastic bars. However, you shouldn’t let this deter you as there are many other smaller pieces of equipment that will enable you to conduct sessions that are not only fun but will help pupils hone their gymnastic skills.

In order to make your school gym a fun and functional area for students and staff alike, we thought we’d take a look at some of the smaller pieces of equipment that are available.

Balance Beams

Balance is one of the most crucial components of any form of exercise, and using balance beams is one of the best ways for pupils to hone their skills. Students can use a balance beam to build strength and improve stability, all of which will give them a better sense of balance. On the beam, they can simply move backwards and forwards or try more difficult manoeuvres like turns or hopping on and off the beam.

Vaulting Horse

A vaulting horse can be used in a variety of ways to develop gymnastic abilities. It is a vital component when it comes to helping a child with coordination. Running starts and landings can be practised in order to achieve this. Your vaulting horse gives you the opportunity to engage in a variety of athletic activities when coupled with another piece of equipment, such as a springboard.

Gymnastic Mats

When it comes to health and safety, gymnastic crash mats may be the most crucial piece of gym equipment. Any sort of gymnastic exercise must provide participants with a secure place to land. Crash mats are available in a range of sizes and densities, but you should always aim for a minimum density of between 10 and 13 cm. If, however, you anticipate that your students will be jumping or falling onto the mats from heights, it would be pertinent to select a larger model with greater density. By absorbing impact, gymnastic mats lower the chance of harm. Our advice would be If there is one item of equipment that you choose to spend extra on, this should be it.


Young would-be gymnasts can improve their jumping and landing techniques by using trampolines. Who among kids doesn’t think hopping and leaping around to be enjoyable? Trampettes are used frequently in conjunction with vaulting horses and crash mats because they are made to create spring and rebound. The students can race towards the vaulting box and leap over it, landing safely on a crash mat, in this entertaining activity. Although this is the exercise most people associate with trampettes, it is possible to incorporate them into a number of other activities.

Gymnastic Ribbons

Ribbons can be used in a variety of gymnastic routines, although they are most frequently employed in rhythmic gymnastics. These can be used to promote dancing, aid pupils in developing their rhythmic abilities, and just have fun. Gymnastic ribbons are a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment that allow all students to engage in an activity at once.

The observations we have made should hopefully provide you with some food for thought if you are looking for some new equipment for your school gym, however there are definitely many other items of equipment we could add to the article.

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