Which NFL Teams Have the Best Chances of Winning the Super Bowl? 

The Buffalo Bills suffered a surprising fall to 6-2, in spite of which they remain among the favorites in Super Bowl futures bets. Vying for second place are the Kansas City Chiefs, which top the AFC West at 6-2, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who remain the sole unbeaten team in the league at 8-0.

As the season sees a challenging start, the odds for a few preseason Super Bowl favorites like the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have taken a beating. On the other hand, clubs like the Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings are exceeding expectations.

AFC favorites to win the Bowl

The NFC has had a slight edge in terms of Bowl wins since the NFL and the AFL merged, and the two-conference alignment was established in 1970. The last two times, the AFC side came up short, but that was after the conference won the vast majority of the previous major games. This article will take a look at current AFC favorites.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills lost to the Jets, who held their typically prolific offense in check. They were looking to rebound against the Minnesota Vikings on November 13 but suffered a 33-30 overtime loss. Their point differential in the league is still impressive, though.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens beat the Saints in New Orleans 27-13. They are strong contenders and have high hopes for the game against the Panthers on November 20.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City was pushed to 6-2 on the year after an epic battle on Sunday night. At the close of the third quarter, the Titans were leading 17-9. When the game went into overtime, Harrison Butker scored for a victory of 20-17. The club is at the top in the AFC West and is competing for the top seed in the playoffs.

NFC favorites to win the Bowl

The NFC appears top-heavy currently, unlike the AFC, where there seem to be several realistic contenders. The favorites here are the Philadelphia Eagles, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Dallas Cowboys.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are still the favorite on this side, with 8-0. Jalen Hurts looks like a favorite for MVP, while the strong defense is giving opponents a very hard time. This week, the team is in primetime again. The game against the Washington Commanders on November 15 could be decisive.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers enjoyed a decisive victory over the Rams in week 1. They have a strong defense, and their offense is improving with Christian McCaffrey on board. San Francisco is playing against the Los Angeles Chargers on November 14. San Francisco is also a host to numerous high-profile sports events; if you are a football fan, check out the Super Bowl ticket prices to catch the most exciting game of the season in person.

Dallas Cowboys

Insiders claimed the Cowboys’ season would be lost because of Dak Prescott’s rather serious injury, but he’s back. The defense is performing much better than was expected before the season started, and the offense is clicking too. The team’s odds improved further after they beat the Bears 49-29 at home. Unfortunately, they lost 28:31 to the Green Bay Packers on November 13.

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