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The P790 irons was an instant hit when they were released in 2017, and their popularity has only grown since then. They appeal to a wide range of golfers because they combine extreme length and forgivingness with a sleek, player-friendly design. The new TaylorMade P790 irons feature a smaller face and more than double the tungsten of their previous iteration. These irons helped establish the “players’ distance” category when they were released in 2017. A new, lighter urethane foam filler called Speedfoam Air within the hollow-body design is the driving force behind the quicker, more forgiving design.

The player’s distance iron category, in which the TaylorMade P790 has been a mainstay since its start four years ago, is the fastest-growing iron category in the game. If you’re interested in technology, it’s the most intriguing option.

Most likely because it’s the hardest, the target audience is looking for a club that gives them the distance they want, as well as the compact look and single-piece forged feel of a better player’s iron.

Recently, the number of irons made for players with very high coefficients of restitution (COR) (springy faces) has increased. The difficulty, however, is not just in making these appear faster occasionally but in making them quick all the time.

To speed up and launch the ball more consistently, the P790’s third generation has a heavier tungsten weight, thinner steel on the face and body, and unique urethane foam inside.

Functions and Advantages

The sweet spot of intelligence

Our most minor P790 face ever, with a bright, sweet spot that has been adjusted to capture more strokes, is now possible thanks to SpeedFoam Air, which is 69% lighter than its predecessor and puts performance precisely where golfers need it.

Exceptional ball velocity and feel

The new SpeedFoam Air in the Forged Hollow Body Construction makes a face more flexible and speeds up the ball while keeping the sound and feel of a high-end club.

Best Possible Start and Pardon

The latest generation of P790 irons are designed to provide ideal launch and more forgiveness thanks to their thin-wall construction, forged L-Face, and reworked tungsten weighting.


The Faster-Moving Air of SpeedFoamTM

The latest iteration of SpeedFoamTM Air has been developed to be 69% lighter than its forerunner. It allows for a general reduction in mass of 3.5g, which may then be reallocated to improve other aspects of the mass characteristics that affect how well the rocket takes off. This new recipe gives you a quick, flexible face and a luxurious sound and feel.

Lean Manufacturing Methods and a Forged L-Face

The new 8620 carbon steel structure allows for a CG placement that is much lower by making the head thinner by up to 37.5% in critical areas. With its responsive 1.5mm forged 4140 steel L-Face and revolutionary thin-walled construction, this club has unmatched adaptability, fast ball speeds, and great distance without sacrificing the quality of a forged feel.

Speed Pocket with a Through-Slot DesignTM

Ball speed and distance are maintained on low face blows because the Thru-Slot Speed pocket allows for more face flexibility.

The sweet spot of intelligence

We moved the sweet spot down the club’s face with data analytics to catch more shots and improve performance in critical areas.

Low-Center-of-Gravity Tungsten Mass

Engineers used new ways to build the body, like putting 31g of tungsten in the toe to make the body thinner. It provides a package that is exceptionally stable and forgiving for the gamer.

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