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SLAN-96P: Ideal Tool for DNA Detection and Diagnosis

The advantages of a real-time PCR machine SLAN-96P include increased accuracy, faster processing, and lower costs. As a result, more and more hospitals are using this machine to run numerous tests concurrently.

PCR for DNA testing

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a powerful technique that can be used to amplify small amounts of DNA. This makes it an ideal tool for DNA detection and diagnosis. PCR can detect various viral, bacterial, and genetic diseases.

Many different PCR assays are designed to target a specific DNA sequence. For example, one common test is designed for hepatitis B virus (HBV), a serious viral infection that can lead to liver damage, cancer, and death. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment of HBV are essential to prevent these complications.

Photoelectric Detection System with Sensitivity

  1. A quick and steady photoelectric detector with high sensitivity and no background noise;
  2. A long-lasting, upkeep-free, incredibly bright LED cold light source with a high signal value and stability;
  3. A special optical fiber conduction technique that significantly increases the effectiveness of fluorescence collection and prevents fluorescence interference between adjacent tubes;
  4. The system chooses the best gain value for each tube without requiring a human setting. The SLANĀ®-96P has a very wide fluorescence measurement range;
  5. Extremely high detection sensitivity with a very low background fluorescence value, users are not required to adjust for background or optical distortion.


Real-time PCR is a strong technique for identifying specific DNA sequences in a sample. It is frequently used to detect the presence of viruses and other pathogens and examine gene expression in real-time. Using real-time PCR technology has numerous advantages. For example, real-time PCR has significant potential for research applications because it is quick and simple to use, can be used to examine several targets, is adaptable, and can be employed in various contexts.

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