Sansure Biotech IVD Reagents for More Effective Analysis

Sansure Biotech IVD reagents are used in molecular biology to quantify and identify DNA, RNA, protein, peptide, and metabolites. They contain a specific molecule that can react with a biological sample and produce a characteristic fluorescent signal.

Sansure Biotech: A Trustworthy IVD Reagents Manufacturer

Sansure Biotech Inc. is a provider of in vitro diagnostic solutions that include diagnostic reagents, instruments, and independent clinic laboratory services, all based on its own proprietary gene technology.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sansure Biotech IVD Reagents?

There are many benefits to using Sansure Biotech IVD reagents for more effective analysis. IVD reagents help to improve accuracy and speed up analysis times, which can be especially beneficial in cases where time is of the essence.

How Do Sansure Biotech IVD Reagents Work?

IVD reagents are essential for the accurate diagnosis of medical conditions. IVD reagents work by detecting specific biomarkers in a sample. This technology is often used in conjunction with other medical tests, such as blood samples, to diagnose and monitor the health of patients. IVD reagents can be divided into two categories: traditional and molecular. Traditional IVD reagents detect markers using non-specific methods, such as immunoassays. Molecular IVD reagents use specific techniques to detect biomarkers in a sample. Some of the most common molecular IVD reagents include DNA probe assays, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and microarray technologies. Molecular IVD reagents are more accurate and sensitive than traditional IVD reagents, making them better choices for some applications.


Sansure Biotech IVD reagents play a critical role in the early detection and monitoring of disease. With the ever-growing complexity of assays, it is essential that reagents are effective and accurate. For more details, be sure to search Sansure Biotech.

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