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Nurturing Excellence: ACEM’s Industry Research in China

When it comes to elevating Industry Research (in China), Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) is leading the charge. They are dedicated to nurturing excellence in research and bridging the gap between academic scholarship and practical industry insights.

ACEM’s Commitment to Elevating Industry Research

ACEM’s mission revolves around elevating the quality and relevance of industry research in China. They understand that research must be both academically rigorous and practically applicable to drive meaningful change. With this ethos in mind, ACEM have created a research ecosystem that encourages scholars to delve deep into industry challenges.

What’s more, ACEM’s commitment extends beyond the classroom. They actively engages with industry partners to identify pressing research questions and collaborates with experts to find solutions. The research initiatives of ACEM are designed to have a real-world impact, influencing industry practices and shaping policy decisions.

Bridging the Gap: Antai College’s Impactful Industry Research

Antai College’s research projects cover a wide spectrum of topics, from sustainable business practices to financial market dynamics. Their holistic approach, informed by global perspectives, has enabled them to provide comprehensive solutions to complex industry challenges.

ACEM provides a diverse array of academic programs, including international programs in English and Chinese across various fields. Notable offerings include the IMBA and MIB programs. Additionally, the college offers action-learning programs like the Antai Global Summer Program and Antai Global Corporate Lab Program. Collaborative international joint programs, such as the SJTU-UBC International MBA Program, SJTU-SMU GPER Program, and SJTU-NTU EMBA Program, are also available. For those seeking programs in Chinese, ACEM offers a comprehensive range, spanning from undergraduate to doctoral studies, along with MBA, EMBA, and Executive Education options.


In conclusion, ACEM and Antai College are pivotal players in nurturing excellence in industry research in China. Their commitment to academic rigour and practical relevance ensures that their research initiatives have a lasting impact, benefiting industries and society as a whole. By fostering a culture of excellence, Antai College are shaping the future of industry research in China.

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